This is just a short list of what I can make for you.

If you have something else in mind, please contact me with your ideas and to get pricing.
It would be my privilege to bake for you!


(minimum 12 each)

Butter Croissant - $2.25
Specialty Croissants – starting at $3.75 each
(eg. gruyere, turkey swiss, twice baked chocolate almond, spinach feta, spiced apple maple, blueberry, lavender, bacon cheddar)
Pain au Chocolat - $3.75
Grande Cinnamon Bun – starting at $4.00
(eg. with cream cheese buttercream, pecan cranberry, savoury spinach feta, ham and swiss, cheddar
Caramel Pecan Sticky Bun - $4.50



(minimum 12 each)

Starting at $3.25 each
(eg. Carrot cake, banana chocolate chip, apple streusel morning glory, blueberry lemon poppyseed, pumpkin spice latte)


(minimum 8 each)

Starting at $3 each
(eg. Feta roasted red pepper olive, sharp cheddar, zucchini carrot cheddar, bacon asiago, cheddar chive, cranberry tangerine, raspberry dark chocolate, blueberry lemon lavender, apple spice pecan, apricot, white chocolate, roasted pear chai)



(minimum 12 each)

Starting at $2 each
(eg. Chocolate chip, Oatmeal raisin, Peanut butter milk chocolate, Pantry Cookies, Shortbread, Nutter Butters, Empire, Linzer Cookies, Coconut Macaroons)

French Macarons

(minimum 24 each flavour/colour)

Starting at $2 each
(eg. Lime blackcurrent, strawberry shortcake, pink lemonade, dark chocolate ganache, salted caramel, matcha yuzu, toasted coconut, PBJ, mocha, chocolate mint, chili hot chocolate)


Bread and Buns

Sourdough Boule (white, whole wheat, multigrain) $8
Marble Rye Loaf $7.50
10 Fluffy Dinner Buns $12
12 Garlic Knots $14
Foccacia tray – sea salt $13 | tomato parmesan $15
8 Flatbread/Naan $13


Rosemary Pork Sausage Rolls

(minimum 12 each)

Starting at $3.25 each

Squares / Bars

(minimum 12 each)

Starting at $3 each
(eg. Dark chocolate hazelnut brownies, browned butter blondies, Nanaimo bars, Date Squares, Pecan Bars, Butter Tart Bars, Lemon Squares, Oatmeal Fudge Bars)



Round 3 layer, starting price of buttercream with basic decoration, tiered cakes extra cost
4” - $35  |  6” - $45
8” - $65  |  10” - $80
12” - $100
Cupcakes (minimum 12 each) - $2.50

Flavours of Cake:
eg. Buttermilk, chocolate, lemon, carrot, banana, apple spice, coconut, Earl Grey, Red velvet, Pumpkin, Orange

Flavours of Curd/Buttercream/Mousse:
eg. Vanilla, Dark/White/Milk Chocolate, Lemon, Lavender, Cream Cheese, Lemon/Passionfruit Curd,
Caramel, Mango, Chocolate mint, Peanut butter, Nutella, Strawberry, Raspberry, Coffee, Pastry Cream, Ganache

Specialty Cakes:
Mousse cakes, Tuxedo, Black forrest, Cookies n cream, Boston Cream, Diplomat, Opera, Turtle
**please contact me for pricing



8” with cookie crust – starting at $40

Pies / Tarts

9” Double Crust Fruit Pie $30
4” Double Crust Fruit Pie $8
4” French fruit tarts $5.50
(filled with curd and topped with fresh berries)
9” French Lemon Tart $25
9” Cream Pies - starting at $30
eg. Coconut/Banana/Chocolate Cream, Banoffee, Lemon Meringue, Key lime, Pumpkin
9” Crack Pie $30
9” Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Tart $30



(minimum 15 each)

Starting at $3.25 each
eg. Carrot cake, banana chocolate chip, apple streusel, morning glory, blueberry lemon poppyseed, pumpkin spice latte

*Effective Feb 2021